MURPHY’S LAW: Hill’s Injury, Stanzi’s Nightmare, Castro’s Deal

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By Chris Hassel

Hawkeye running back, Barkley Hill, was hoping to be Iowa’s “next man in”. It turns out, he’s Iowa’s “next man out”. Hill crumpled to the ground after hurting his left knee during an open practice at Kinnick Stadium. It looks as though his cleat got caught in the field turf as he was hit. No word on how serious the injury is, but he was carted off of the field. The Hawks are hoping it’s just a sprain, but it certainly looks like it’s more than that. 

Hill being carted off the field.

Ricky Stanzi had the worst night of his professional career, Saturday. The ‘Manzi’ played four possessions in KC’s preseason game at St. Louis. He threw a pick. He fumbled. And he was sacked 3 times. It sounds like the race for the backup quarterback spot is over. Brady Quinn 2. Stanzi 3. Sean Keeler, who now covers the Chiefs for FSN Kansas City says Stanzi only dropped to 3 because there wasn’t a 5 for him to drop to. Ouch. 

It was neat to Iowans pack the Knapp for the Olympic homecoming, Saturday. I wasn’t there, but I hear Keith Murphy did a fantastic job emceeing the event. That’s saying something considering I got an email from him at 7am saying he never went to bed on Friday night. I don’t know how he does it. 

A young boy asked Shawn Johnson if she had a boyfriend. Shawn responded by asking if he had a boyfriend. When the boy said, “no”, Shawn asked if he wanted her to be his girlfriend. The boy turned her down. 

I saw some interesting things at the ‘Cast Your Kernel’ tent, tonight. Most notably a near fight between an old woman with a walker, and a man wearing a shirt that read, “Death to the DNR.” I thought the man was going to get a walker to the side of the temple. 

Loved Casablanca at The Varsity. Would’ve enjoyed it more had my wife not sighed at least a dozen times. She doesn’t like old movies. I don’t know why I married her. 

The Cubs just signed Starlin Castro to a 7-year, $60m, extension. That’s good news. Here’s more. The Cubs lost on Saturday…meaning the Cardinals didn’t gain any ground on the Reds.