EXECUTIVE ORDER: Working To Cut “Red Tape”

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Gov. Terry Branstad and his administration implemented an executive order Monday in hopes of upholding a campaign promise. 

The governor and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds have a goal of creating 200,000 new jobs in our state. Last year, the pair teamed up with legislators to hold a Rules and Regulations tour to gain input from the public.

Their goal was to find out what is hindering growth in our state. One issue they found was with the license renewal process for plumbers. 

Monday, Gov. Branstad signed Executive Order 80, which doesn’t change regulations but just creates “stakeholder rule making groups” that will help influence new laws, rules, and regulations. 

The hope is to spur growth in our state.

“Public participation and the formation of administrative rules will help our state to reform burdensome regulations and prevent overregulation and red tape. Encouraging efficiency, economic growth and job creation,” says Branstad.

The state already requires public hearings in the process of adopting a new laws but the governor says this process doesn’t always reach the people directly affected by the regulation.

Branstad says he hopes these stakeholder groups will eliminate that problem.

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