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MURPHY’S LAW: Decision Tuesday, Fair Fail, Whole Foods

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By Chris Hassel

Tuesday is judgement day in Ames. Paul Rhoads is expected to announce his starting quarterback at a news conference at high noon. Most people are putting their money on Steele Jantz, but that doesn’t mean Jantz outplayed Barnett in camp. I’ve heard from multiple ISU players who say they have no idea who Rhoads is going to pick, because the two QB’s were as even as they could possibly. No matter who Rhoads picks on Tuesday, the race is far from over. 

Anyone else notice that Barnett changed his # from 16 to 7?

If I had to put money on it, I think it will be Steele Jantz. That being said, I think Barnett gives ISU a better chance to win. Unless Jantz can figure out how to cut down on his turnovers, he’s going to take the Cyclones out of some games with his wild decisions. But as we saw against Iowa, his wild antics may win games, as well. 

Some of you may have seen the behind the scenes video of the Stiver’s Ford spoof, Sunday night. If you haven’t you can watch it here. I had no idea the raw video clips of that shoot were still around. I stumbled upon them a couple of weeks ago when cleaning out our hard drive. The skit will be two years old in two weeks. My wife still wears those pink shorts to bed. 

It was also great to see Bela return to SoundOFF, though it’s clear he’s using Just for Men on his mustache. 

Only 353 days until the return of the Iowa Stair Fair.

I went to the fair twice, this year (not of my choosing). All I wanted my first night was a caramel apple. Couldn’t find out. The second night, all I wanted was a walking taco. I even downloaded the food app on my iPhone. It told me there were two places nearby that had them. One place was out. The other didn’t exist. Another fair fail. 

I’ve been ransacking the Whole Foods sushi department on a weekly basis. Tonight I tried the spicy salmon avocado roll. Amazing. How the heck is sushi so healthy? I don’t get it, but I’m not complaining.

I like the new Whole Foods but it’s definitely not a one-stop-shop. I wanted a pop to go with my sushi, tonight — couldn’t find anything of the sort. Nothing but herbal tea health drinks. 

Craig Brackins is heading to Europe to continue his basketball career. Boy. I’ll bet the 76ers would like that first-round pick back. 

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