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MURPHY’S LAW: CFB Season Underway, LLWS Thriller, “Polk” not “Poke”

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By Chris Hassel

College football season is underway, in Iowa! Yes, it’s only Grand View, but it’s still football. The 11th ranked Vikings kicked off at 6pm, tonight, against Graceland (Bruce Jenner’s alma-mater). The Hawks and Cyclones (and Panthers) kick things off a week from today.

It’s too bad Iowa, ISU, and UNI, all play at 2:30pm next Saturday. Iowa is on ESPNU, ISU is on FSN, and UNI is on BTN. All three games in glorious HD. Soak it up while you can, UNI fans. I don’t think MC22 is HD capable just yet. 

The Cyclones are still a one-point underdog vs. Tulsa. Iowa is now a 10-point favorite vs. Northern Illinois. I think both the Hawks and Clones will win.

A baseball team scored 10 runs in the bottom of the last inning to tie the game at 15 — and still lost by 9. It just so happened to be in the Little League World Series. I can’t imagine the emotion involved in that one.

RIP, Neil Armstrong. It amazes me how many people believe that landing a man on the moon was a haux. Get real. 

I once went an entire year without caffeine. Now I’m drinking 2-4 cups a day. Problem is, I don’t have a coffee-maker. I visit Kum & Go at least 3 times a day. 

You know what bothers me? When people say “Poke” County instead of “Polk” County. No matter what people claim, the “L” isn’t silent!

The pop machine at work is my worst enemy. Although a 20oz is only $1, I have to be prepared with $2. 50-percent of the time, when you buy a Diet 7-up, the bottle never reaches the bottom. The other 50-percent of the time, you end up with TWO 20oz bottles. This is what I have nightmares about.

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