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MURPHY’S LAW: Thoughts on Cy-Hawk Showdown

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By Chris Hassel

RVTV was a blast, the game was a dud, but all-in-all it was a great week for myself and the rest of the sports team. This was, without question, the best week of RVTV we have ever had. Only 51 weeks until RVTV 2013! 

As for the game — yikes. Iowa State should’ve won by multiple touchdowns. I believe that if Jared Barnett would’ve started, it would’ve been a blowout. Steele Jantz has a higher ceiling, and can make plays that Barnett cannot, but he can also keep the opposing team in the game with bad decisions. That being said, I think Jantz is a gamebreaker and ISU needs that kind of QB against teams like Oklahoma, Texas, and West Virginia. 

With home games against Western Illinois and Texas Tech on the horizon, the Cyclones should start the season 4-0. ISU hasn’t done that since the year 2000. 

James Vandenberg is clearly uncomfortable with Greg Davis’ new offense. Yes, his receivers let him down (many times) in Saturday’s loss, but he still doesn’t look like the same quarterback we saw last season.

I think the Hawkeyes will play well enough to beat UNI. If they don’t, the sky is going to fall right on top of Iowa City. The Hawks play Central Michigan the following week. I think we will see Kinnick Stadium as empty has it’s been in a dozen years if UNI pulls the upset. 

Dating back to last seasons loss to Michigan State, the Hawkeyes have lost two straight at Kinnick. Iowa hasn’t done that since 2006. The Hawks haven’t lost three straight games since Y2K. 

The Hawks are averaging 12 points a game. That ranks 114th out of 120 FBS programs. And with an average of 286 yds/gm, Iowa ranks 115th nationally. 

ISU is clearly headed up, while for the third straight season the Hawkeyes appear to be headed down. Iowa State is better than Iowa. Cyclone fans know it, and even some Hawkeye fans will admit it. Is the balance of power shifting? No question. The only question is, how far will it shift, and how long will it be until it starts going back Iowa’s direction? Can’t wait to find out.