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RISING ENROLLMENT: Increasing Numbers

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Many Iowa school districts are seeing their enrollment climb, and they're running out of room because of it.

Roughly a third of the state's school districts are expanding, and those that are doing so by the hundreds. Officials with the Iowa association of school boards say this rapid increase isn't a fluke. Projections show it to be a continuing trend, so the need for permanent and timely solutions is that much more important.

“It’s really critical that these schools are expanding or able to build quality facility because they are going to need to last a long time. And as we know education is changing so they need to be flexible so that they can respond to the changes we see in education and the way we’re going to see teaching in the upcoming years,” said Galen Howsare, the Deputy Executive Director of the Iowa Association of School Boards.

With the exception of the Waukee School District, which plans to remodel an old building at no cost to tax payers, when the community you live in, builds a new school, the money typically comes out of your pocket, whether your kids attend it or not. But officials insist that the benefits outweigh the cons, including the fact that they usually cause an increase in property values, and present a bigger draw for new citizens.