SOUNDOFF: Faceoff (9/9/12)

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Time for faceoff.

Andy: We talked to Iowa state Athletics Director Jamie Pollard Friday. He said he wants cyclone fans to have the attitude they should never take a backseat to anyone.

I'd said based on what we saw with RVTV, cyclones fans have more swagger than ever.

They hadn't felt this confident going into Kinnick in a decade, and they really, really love their football coach.  This win was big, but I think even the most optimistic of them realize what a tough schedule they have approaching.

Keith: Hawk fans almost always outnumber clone fans at our RVTV tour stops.

They also seem excited for basketball again.

Andy: It's too early to tell, but this might be the first time in over a decade that they look past the football season and into the basketball season.

Keith: Andy, many people noticed our RV has gotten considerably more luxurious over the years.

This year, Plaza RV in Bondurant hooked us up. As John Sears said, the RV is nicer than any apartment he ever lived in.

Andy: It had a fireplace!  It had two recliners! And we couldn't help but notice that there was a lighted makeup table in your giant, master bedroom.

Keith: In Knoxville, we broke a key off in the lock.

And a locksmith showed up at midnight, and let us in.

He even worked while drunk people across the street heckled us with "how many sports guys does it take to open a door"?

Andy: It was the one wrinkle to an otherwise amazing stop.

Keith: In Pella, I noticed many fans asked for Tyler Sash's girlfriend, Jessica, to pose in pictures. I think is really nice of fans to make her feel welcome, don't you?

Andy: I'm wondering just how many of those guys later held up that photo and said, "see, here's a picture of me and this girl I've been dating."

Keith: Friday night, you and Chris arrived at 2 a.m., and we were up by 6 a.m.

Does this excuse Chris using a Mcdonald's bag for a pillow outside Kinnick Stadium?

Andy: Sure it does.  By that time yesterday, I could have slept in the bucket of that giant fire truck I went up in in Pella.  I slept until two o'clock this afternoon, and I still sound like death.  RVTV is a grind, but it's only once a year, and it's worth it.