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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Branstad Has High Hopes

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Governor Terry Branstad says he wants Iowa to be number one in the nation in health and education.  Now he is also pushing for Iowans to be number one in volunteering.

Barbara Widlund doesn't get any money for what she does, but every day she gets paid in smiles.  Windlund volunteers at the Children and Family Urban Ministries, feeding the needy.  She helps feed up to 180-people every day---many of them children.  Widlund is one of thousands of Iowans who give their time volunteering.   Govenor Branstad is asking every Iowan to volunteer 50-hours or more every year.   He says that would save the state one billion dollars in services, and make Iowa number one in the nation in volunteering.

"Iowa is number two in the nation with about 38-percent of Iowans volunteering," explains Shirley Burgess with the United Way, "But Des Moines is number six and when you look at mid-sized cities, we have nearly 40-percent of all folks in Des Moines volunteering."

If you would like to help out, the United Way of Central Iowa has a searchable database for volunteering.  You can check it out at: