MORNING BUZZ: A Day to Remember

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Good Morning

The Anniversary of 9-11 will always be a sad day.  I think of the people who were doing nothing more than going to work when they lost their lives that day.  I hope I can explain all of this when my kids are old enough to hear it.  

I also remember the spirit of cooperation that lasted…you know a day or two after 9/11.  I think the best thing I’ve ever heard about what we can all do to honor the memories of the victims and beat the people who would attack our way of life was this:

 You want to get these people? I mean, you really want to reach in and kill them where they live? Keep accepting more than one idea. It makes them absolutely crazy. 

Our Freedom in all of its messy, chaotic and at times gluttonous glory is the thing we can preserve.  That means preserving the rights of the people with whom you disagree the most.  

Teach your Children

According to Media reports the teacher’s strike in Chicago is down to the issue of teachers and how they are evaluated.  I heard an extended discussion about the negotiations and it’s not quite that simple…another issue is the imminent closing of dozens of schools in Chicago and what that would mean to teachers.  The Mayor (a Democrat by the way) supports giving Principals at the schools that stay open the right to choose their team.  The Union wants to make sure the teachers with seniority keep a job.  In other words…it’s not about making sure the kids have the best teachers…  

I think some things are out of the teacher’s control.  I think these teachers in particular are working in some of the most challenging schools in the nation.  I think they work in places where family support is not an option.  I also think if the teachers want to make it better…it has to start in their classroom.  

 They chose to be teachers…it is a life of service…not glamorous or particularly profitable. My job gets me up at two in the morning…I work holidays and when I was younger, weekends.  I don’t complain because this is what I chose to do.  If I want to be paid more I have to make sure I exceed the expectations on my evaluation.  There are things I don’t have control over…there are in EVERY JOB.  Teachers aren’t unique…they should be evaluated…the best should stay in our classrooms, the ones who aren’t cutting it shouldn’t.

As Always feel free to agree or disagree.