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APE TRUST: Director Under Investigation

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World renowned scientist Doctor Sue Savage-Rumbough, once listed by Time Magazine as one of the world`s most influential people, is out as the director of the Great Ape Trust in Des Moines, at least for now, as the facilities board looks into allegations questioning her mental stability.

"We take all these concerns very seriously because the most important thing we want to do is have a safe environment for people and bonobos." says Great Apes Trust chairman  Kenneth Schweller, "So we have decided to launch an investigation into these concerns."

A dozen former employees signed a letter stating their concerns about Doctor Savage-Rumbough’s leadership, and what they call “Fears” over the health and safety of the apes at the Great Ape Trust.  The board decided to place Doctor Savage-Rumbough on administrative leave while their investigation is underway.  Savage-Rumbough, as you would expect, denies the allegations.  "I think they're crazy. They're made by former employees who haven't been here." she says, "Charges are by 12 employees.  Ten of them haven't been here maybe in a year, two years.  They don't know the situation."

Doctor Savage Rumbaugh's research into ape communication has drawn attention from all over the world.  A local veterinarian will oversee day-to-day operations at the facility until the investigation is complete.