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FLAGS FLYING: Flag Tribute At Gray’s Lake

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Central Iowans commemorated this September 11th at a special tribute that was set up Tuesday at Gray’s Lake in downtown Des Moines to remember the fallen.

“When you do think about each flag represents a human life, it breaks your heart. Because you think about all the families, all of the friends, you think about all of the times you do in your own life… all of the little stories, and you wonder about all of those lost that day,” said Chelsea Kelly, a visitor to the tribute. 

Craig Woltmann added, “You just can’t hardly describe it in words it brings you back to that day.”

Some visitors made a special trip to Gray's Lake Tuesday to see the tribute trail.

Mom's brought their little ones, hoping to help the newest generation understand the tragedy and the impact it has left on our nation.

Others just happened upon the flag display, like Julie Betts who now lives Des Moines.

She says she was living in New York City on September 11th, 2001, “I was in a laundromat when the first plane hit,” she said.  “So, it’s a hard day for me.  We’ve only been in Des Moines for four years.  The first September 11th after we left New York City was really hard.   This one is sad...really sad for me.”

The flags flew at Gray's Lake for the entire day Tuesday.