MURPHY’S LAW: 9/11, UNI vs. Iowa, East Fundraiser

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By Chris Hassel

Today is a good day to revisit the story photojournalist Brandon McCauley and I put together, last December. The Cyclones visited the Ground Zero, and got to see the new 9/11 Memorial. It was very powerful. 

I was a junior in high school in 2001. I had the TV on The Today Show, as I was getting ready for school, when the second plane hit the WTC. A lot of my classmates were already in school that day. I had first period free. I decided not to go to school. It was the right decision. Some of my friends said that certain teachers went on with the daily lesson and refused to turn on the TV. I’ll never forget calling my Dad (who was working out on the golf course) and giving him minute-by-minute updates. It’s hard to believe it’s been 11 years. 

The bowl trip to NYC was very unique, but I’m sure the Cyclones and their fans would take something a little warmer, this year. ISU should begin the season 4-0 (if the ‘Clones can beat Western Illinois and Texas Tech). A warm-weather bowl game is looking like a definite possibility. 

Northern Iowa Fans fully expect the Panthers to beat Iowa on Saturday, and why not? They darn near did it in 2009 when Iowa won 11 games. Then they nearly beat Iowa State in 2011, losing by one point. And they had a chance to beat #12 Wisconsin (at Camp Randall) just two weeks ago. While I definitely think it’s possible for UNI to win at Kinnick, I don’t believe that it should be. A BCS team should never lose to an FCS team PERIOD. In addition, a program like Iowa (which has owned the state for 100 years) should never lose to an afterthought like UNI. Iowa shouldn’t lose. But that doesn’t mean Iowa won’t lose. The Panthers are good, and Iowa is…well…not good. It should be interesting on Saturday. 

The East High School football team is still in need of some help following last month’s fire at Williams Stadium. East is holding a fundraiser Wednesday night from 5-7 at the Hy-Vee on E. Euclid. It’s a $5 spaghetti dinner. All proceeds go to help the East football team. 

I haven’t checked the MLB standings in over a month. No need to when it’s football season — and you’re a Cubs fan. 

Andy still can’t talk. He couldn’t do radio but he is here at the TV station, tonight. Not sure what he’s doing. The guy has been watching YouTube videos all afternoon. I guess I can’t blame him. There’s not much a reporter can do when a doctor tells him he’s not allowed to speak.