NEVER FORGET: 9/11 Widow Remembers Husband

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Jean Cleere of Newton thinks about her late husband Jim all throughout the year. As the date gets closer to 9/11 she thinks more and more about what happened that day. 

She treasures the taped voicemails she got from Jim about what was happening across the street from where he was staying. Jim was in New York for business meetings and was ready to go to the World Trade Center where his office was located, in the area where the first plane struck.

Now, 11 years later Jean says she considers herself fortunate. She does know where her husband was when he died, and who was with him in those last minutes. She was able to learn this by reading many books and articles about that day. Through her reading she was able to get various accounts, which mention Jim.

Jean Cleere is thankful for the firefighters who were there that day.  She is also thankful for the Newton Fire Department.  Members of the Newton FD are helping to build a memorial to 9/11 victims.  The community came together to raise funds and donate materials to help with the project.

“My license plate says Never Forget,” says Cleere.  She says it is not uncommon to meet people who don’t know much about 9/11.

She hopes the memorial will help people remember her husband, and all who died and served that day.

A dedication for the memorial is being held at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Newton Fire Station.