WEEKLY WORKOUT: Cardio Breakdancing

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There’s a certain attitude at the heart of break dancing.  There really aren’t any rules - but we do need to learn a few moves to get started.

Zach Benson is our instructor, patiently taking us through each piece - from the six-step … to the ten-step.  “It’s really easy…basically running around in a circle!”

That’s easy for him to say!  While trying to master the moves, I almost kick Sonya in the head – giving whole new meaning to the term “breakdancing”!

Jen Kees brought cardio break dancing to her studio because she believes being fit – should be fun.  “Fitness isn’t supposed to be this challenge once a day, it’s supposed to be part of your lifestyle and something you look forward to doing!”

You can tell Jen lives that philosophy.  Her son Caden is trying the class, too. “It takes a while to get the hang of it,” he says with a laugh, “it’s fun!”

One thing we may never get the hang of – is what’s known as “a freeze”.  It’s basically a funky-looking headstand and we are struggling and sweating.  Breakdancing is one intense workout!

“It combines gymnastics, martial arts, cardio…”  Jen explains.  “iI’s a great total body workout,” says Zach, “it’s core, major muscles…people get stronger from breakdancing.”

And a lot of this requires mental toughness … you have to check your ego at the door and be willing to take risks.

Zach admits it takes some time to master, but says anyone can breakdance. “What’s cool is you can make it your own dance, your own style and be unique and original – that’s what I love about it.”

“We at Kees Camp just want to have fun with whatever we’re doing for fitness,” says Jen, “if we sweat at the end of the hour and had fun, then mission accomplished!”

To workout with Jen and Zach, visit www.keescampstore.com