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MURPHY’S LAW: Hawkeye Uniforms, Bears vs Packers, Cyclones Favored

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  • When word spread that Iowa would wear combat uniforms in honor of Veterans Day, many fans were surprised. Kirk Ferentz values tradition, but he explained players love the threads. The alternate looks even play a role in recruiting. We’ve seen our first glimpse of the uniforms for a November game against Purdue, and it’s not as dramatic as many expected. It’s easy to see Ferentz approving these:

Hawkeye combat uniforms on display at Scheels.
(Photo courtesy of Cedar Rapids Gazette.)

  • I think this has the potential for a really strong look, albeit a conservative one. If Iowa adds a silver helmet—uniforms always look better when helmets match pants—it’s a thumbs up.
  • Hawkeye fans don’t care what Iowa wears, if the Hawks will wear it while running into the end zone once in a while.
  • Few teams, if any, have done better in the underdog role the past four seasons than Paul Rhoads’ Cyclones. They aren’t dogs this week. In fact, role reversal. They’re heavy favorites against Western Illinois. Off shore betting sites have it between 37 and 39 points. I don’t know if ISU will cover, but I’d bet the farm they’ll win.
  • Much talk that UNI will beat Iowa. I don’t see it. I think Iowa wins. The Hawks have more resources, scholarships, size, and overall talent. They should win. That’s not a knock on UNI, a great FCS program, it’s just a fact. The best chance for these kind of upsets is the favored school looking past the smaller school. It won’t happen Saturday. UNI has Iowa’s full attention.
  • I still hoped Notre Dame would end up in the Big Ten or Big 12. Both tried, but it’s ACC. The Irish aren’t all in with football, they’ll play 5 ACC games, but that will likely mean the end of games against Michigan, Michigan State, and Purdue. Notre Dame dictates terms because it can. Even after years of relative irrelevance in football.
  • I enjoy Matthew Perry in the new NBC show, Go On. Perry plays a sports talk radio host with the most plush offices in radio history.
  • Speaking of sports talk radio, Chris Hassel will do a spoof of 1040 WHO Radio’s Sound-Off radio show. Look for it Thursday on the Murph & Andy Show, 1460 KXNO, between 2 and 4 p.m. (Was that too many shows and stations for you to have any idea where to find the segment?)
  • I won’t miss some parts of Cy-Hawk rivalry week. I’ve had fans on both sides call me names, or urge me in profane language to go do profane things to myself. In all five cases, it was because of my unprofessional bias and love of the other team.
  • Bears vs Packers on a Thursday night? Sounds great. And because the Bears looked so good in week one, and the Packers lost at home to the 49ers, it feels like an important game too.
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