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FIGHTER WING: Operational Readiness Exercise

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The Iowa National Guard is notifying the public about an upcoming training exercise for the 132nd Fighter Wing that could cause disruptions near the Des Moines International Airport.

The training begins Saturday and runs through September 21st at the Iowa Air National Guard facilities at the airport. Officials say the operational readiness exercise will prepare the unit for future domestic and combat operations.

Neighbors in the area of the airport may notice elements of the training such as warning sirens, explosions, gunfire and smoke, missiles, ground attacks – and fires for emergency response and recovery training. Traffic on McKinley Ave. may be backed up as personnel will be arriving at the airport around the clock.

A temporary Military Operating Area has also been established for the F-16s in the unit. It is in northwest Iowa and aircraft will be flying extended training missions from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. and may be flying as low as 4,500 feet.