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RADON ACT: Braley Proposes Legislation

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Congressman Bruce Braley is introducing a new act aimed at protecting students and teachers from a danger in schools they may not even know is there.

Braley introduced the End Radon in Schools Act Thursday. The legislation would provide grants to states giving them funds to work with districts to test radon levels in school buildings.

Radon is an invisible gas produced by the decay of uranium in soil and water. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer. The entire state of Iowa is in Zone 1, which means it has the highest potential for exposure to the gas.

Braley worked with the Iowa-based Radon Coalition to craft the legislation. One of its members, retired teacher Gail Orcutt, had her left lung removed because of cancer believed to be linked to radon. She was in Washington, D.C. Thursday for the introduction of the legislation.