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SUSPICIOUS FIRES: Same Drill For Fire Fighters

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Marvin Welsher says it was quite the sight to wake up to at 2:00 in the morning.

“It was really reaching up there real high! The firemen had a difficult time putting it out, it just kept reigniting itself you know. And it took them quite a while. It was getting pretty hot.”

A surprising sight for Welsher, but unfortunately one that’s starting to trigger deja vu with fire fighters.

Brian O’Keefe with the Des Moines Fire Department says, “We`ve had other fires in the neighborhood. These have been properties that are in foreclosure, up for resale.”

While officials say there isn't anything connecting the four fires at this time, the similarities are difficult to ignore.

O'Keefe says, “As an investigator you look for well what could have started the fire. Was there anyone occupying it? We can rule out cooking, no one is inside that we`re aware of, so smoking, we look for natural causing, there was no lightning, weather wasn`t an issue, so you take away the utilities you don`t have anyone in there, and then we got to look that there`s somebody intentionally setting the fire.“

At this point, investigators don't have a person of interest, O’Keefe tells us, ”There’s no smoking gun out there, there’s no threats there’s no letters there’s no leaving obvious materials behind for us.”

But neighbors have their suspicions.

Welsher says, “You get a lot of those teenagers roaming around they`re looking for some place to hang out smoke the dope.”

The fire department is staying vigilant, teaming up with police, neighborhood associations, and the city's building and housing departments.

Now, they're asking neighbors to keep an extra eye out, specifically around abandoned properties in the area.

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