AMTRAK MYSTERY: Man Disappears From Train

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Ottumwa police are asking Iowans to be on alert for a missing man.

Sixty-nine-year-old Charles Dowd was last known to be on an Amtrak train. The train was traveling from California to Chicago on a track that goes through Iowa.

Dowd’s family last heard from him when the train was near Denver, Colorado. Some sources say he spoke with an Amtrak conductor early Friday morning near Omaha, Nebraska and appeared to be confused – thinking he was in an apartment and not on a train.

On Friday when the train arrived in Chicago, authorities found his luggage, cell phone and medication but there was no sign of Charlie.

Police say there is no specific information that Dowd exited the train in Ottumwa, but it is possible.

Authorities say Dowd may be disoriented.

If you see Dowd, you’re asked to contact authorities immediately.