ERIN OFF CAMERA: Work & Be A Warrior!

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My weekend was great, but I’m exhausted.

Do you ever notice that every home improvement project takes about twice as long as you think it will (or should)?  That’s what happened to Michael and me when we decided to sand and stain and paint our back deck and front porches on Saturday.  “We’ll be done by tonight – no problem!”  Ha.  We were lucky to finish up Sunday evening and the work really didn’t wrap up until this morning because Michael decided the porch needed a second coat of paint.

Thanks to two days of manual labor, we are both super sore.  It’s ridiculous and has me thinking a lot about the functional training you’ll see in tomorrow’s “Workout of the Week”.  A new Warrior program started today at Ice Performance Training and you can still get in on the fun.  It’s incredibly challenging but very rewarding and I’m pretty sure if you did the program faithfully you would not be sore after a painting project.