INGERSOLL BUSINESS: New Businesses, New Jobs

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Brand new to Des Moines, Raneesha Hobson landed one of the city`s newest jobs. 

“I moved here from Wisconsin you know so I was basically here trying to get on my feet so I needed to get a job,” says the 18-year-old.

Now Hobson has two jobs.  She works part-time at Orange Leaf on Ingersoll and part-time at Jordan Creek Mall.  Both jobs have her working full-time.

“It was a relief, but at the same time I was so shocked because I'd only been here for a week and I'm like wow, I got a job so fast,” says Hobson.

“Once we opened the doors, kind of just a flood gate of applications and I would say we've had 250 applications in the last month,” says Orange Leaf owner Alan Ruden.

Ruden says the applications keep coming in.  In the last month, he filled the 12 positions for the new business.

“My realtor kept saying come down to Ingersoll, come down to Ingersoll and finally I listened,” says Ruden.

Just down the street, more businesses opening the doors this fall mean more jobs.  Qdoba is looking for cooks, servers, managers and delivery drivers for opening day Friday September 28th.  The hiring process is expected to begin sometime next month for Noodles & Co.

Qdoba is holding open interviews again tomorrow.  The restaurant is looking to hire up to 30 employees.  So far, it has only hired about third of them.