MORNING BUZZ: Occupy, Elephants and, ID

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Good Morning,

Through a really beautiful weekend I had a lot of fun.  I had the pleasure of hosting The Beaverdale Fall Festival Parade Saturday morning.  what a great event for a great community within our community!  I had a lot of fun and met some great people.  Friday night we went out and let the boys choose their Halloween costumes.  They both chose Fighter Pilot costumes.  It’s actually pretty cool.  Working flashlights and a whistle trumped Firefighter or Police officer.  I imagine their Mother and I will be sick of the whistle by Halloween…maybe the neighbors will be too.

To the News


So a couple hundred people showed up to make the one year anniversary of the movement that was going to change America.  The Movement that represents 99 percent of the people produced about 300 people for its flagship Wall Street Event today.  So instead of representing 99percent…they represent about one in a million.  The stories today focus on what went wrong with Occupy.  It’s what we talked about at the time.  No one could agree on the direction or focus.  Big surprise.  While there are certainly crooks on Wall Street, and our financial system needs more safeguards, The idea that rich people need to be punished for their success doesn’t sit well with a lot of people.  We’ve all become too comfortable blaming our problems or challenges on someone else.  Life in our system has risks.  Risk of losing your job, risk of losing your retirement savings, risk of getting sick.  No one OWES you security in any of those things.  It’s up to most of us to make sure we do our best to mitigate risk and bounce back from our setbacks.


So the Chicago Teachers Union outright admitted it this morning.  They have a contract with raises and a framework for a deal.  So why wasn’t there a vote this weekend?  The Elephant in the room, according to the head of the union, is the closing of 120 Chicago Schools.  Teachers with seniority want a guarantee they will get a job at another school…never mind the teachers who are already at the schools that won’t close.

No one owes these people a job.  We owe it to our kids to make sure the best and most qualified teachers are in those classrooms.  This, is why those teachers need to be competing against one another not coming to a one size fits all agreement.

The other hold up is over evaluations and how much teachers will be judged.  I learned something interesting from an Illinois teacher this weekend.  State law in Illinois is going to mandate teacher evaluations be dependent on test scores in 2014.  Her conclusion, this is coming…whether you like it or not.  She also said that over her 20 years she has had some challenging classes and some of them under-achieved.  Test scores were lower than she wanted.  She blamed herself and said, in any of those years there is no way her administrators could make the case she was a bad teacher.  We’ve heard from people who say good teachers and more to the point, expensive teachers are going to get let go…and Districts are going to use these evaluations as an excuse.  Welcome to the Job market.  Any of us, in our current jobs, could be let go in favor of a cheaper option.  We all have to make sure we are so valuable to our organization that it doesn’t make sense to let us go.


Had an interesting discussion on ID’s and voting in the Newsroom this morning.  We were talking about having an ID to vote and most of the people in the discussion said they didn’t have a problem carrying one to vote.  I pointed out that not everyone needs to drive and may not carry a DL.  I also pointed out if you don’t own a car, you may not get a DL.  

Then it hit me.  why can’t the state offer ID’s to people when they register to vote?  if I have a driver’s license I wouldn’t qualify.  Get a partner to offer the pictures or better yet take em when they register!  Why not?  it would allow anyone who took the time to register to vote, the opportunity to also have a state issued identification.  Then no one could be accused of trying to KEEP people from voting, but the people who are claiming voter fraud happens couldn’t be accused of trying to disenfranchise certain types of voters.  the point is to get as many people as possible to vote.  bottom line.  Someone tell me why this wouldn’t be a good investment.

Hope you have a good day!

Feel free to disagree or agree as usual.