MURPHY’S LAW: Bye Week, Mani-pedi, JVB MIA

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By Chris Hassel

Monday’s are always miserable, but this Monday was made much worse by lack of excitement for next weekend. The Hawks host Central Michigan. The Cyclones have a bye. Yikes. 

Iowa State players say the bye week came at the right time but I don’t buy it. ISU is 3-0. There’s no way these guys want to give up a game week for a practice week. Let us not forget what happened a year ago. After winning their first three games of the season, ISU had a bye week, and proceeded to lose the next four games. And the Cyclones didn’t just lose, they got pummeled. All four losses were by 16 points or more. I don’t see it happening this time. I think the Cyclones beat Texas Tech and head to TCU, ranked.

 Kirby Van Der Kamp has the nicest toes in Central Iowa, and the nicest leg in the country. The Iowa State punter, and lover of a good “mani-pedi”, has been named National Punter of the Week but College Football Performance Awards. Just a few months ago, my wife saw Kirby at “Helen’s Nails” in West Des Moines getting a manicure and a pedicure. Whatever works, right? The guy has 19 punts this season. Not a single one of them has been returned by an opponent. I think the guy may have a future in the NFL. 

James Vandenberg still doesn’t have a touchdown pass. It’s the first time since Kirk Ferentz’s first season at Iowa, in 1999, that the Hawks have gone three games without a passing TD. JVB threw 25 touchdowns a year ago. He came close against UNI. I think he’ll throw for a few against Central Michigan. 

Get well soon, Murph!