1 ON 1: Football Talk, No World Leader Talk

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President Obama has his critics typing and thumbing away this afternoon. My Twitter and Facebook feeds have been buzzing about the president making time to campaign but not making time to meet 1 on 1 with world leaders. New York hosts the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly. The president traveled to New York and addresses leaders during the gathering but isn’t spending any private time with any of them. In light of the violence across the Middle East, some question why the president can’t put campaigning aside and focus on what could be a growing problem overseas.

During his trip to New York, the president and first lady taped an appearance on “The View”. Later, back at the White House, the president also did a phone interview with the Des Moines Register, where he weighed in on that debacle of a football game last night where replacement refs blew calls and cost the Green Bay Packers a victory over the Seattle Seahawks. (Got to think the prez didn’t mind taking the side of Packers’ fans in the battleground state of Wisconsin, eh?)

What do you make of this? Should the president take advantage of the world leaders’ trip here to address, in person, what is happening overseas? Or is reasonable to think his speech and group meetings with them accomplish the same thing and doing campaign interviews is just a necessary reality since there are just 6 weeks left before election day?