AGING PETS: Health Changes To Watch For

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Pets, like people, advance in years and that can mean changes in health.

Dr. Bianca Zaffarano at ISU’s College of Veterinary Medicine says that pet owners should be aware of health changes in pets as they grow older.

Things like changes in eating and sleeping habits or needing to go to the bathroom more. 

“The larger the dog, the younger they are when they are considered geriatric,” says Zaffarano.

If you think your pet is aging, she says it’s a good idea to schedule appointments with the vet about every six months. As a pet ages owners can do other things to help them adjust to an older life.

“Dietary changes are often utilized in many different kinds of things in older dogs. Sometimes drugs, sometimes physical therapy. A lot of different things can be beneficial to an older dog,” says Zaffarano.

Make a visit to a veteranian if you are unsure what is causing a change in your pet.