BAD CALL: From Seattle To Iowa, Packers’ Pain Is Felt

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Seattle is 1700 miles away, but the aftershock of what happened there last night…was still moving Iowans, today.

“This is awful," said a caller to KXNO radio's Murph & Andy show. "Worst thing you’ve ever seen.”

As replays rolled over and over on metro TVs, radio talk accompanied, right on key.

“I think if you’re a ref that is holding out, this helps your cause, these terrible calls,” said another caller.

You’d hear the same tune in Green Bay--430 miles away. Fans formed picket lines…restaurants served “bad call burgers."  Hearts were worn on sleeves (and t-shirts.)

Somehow, the elephant in the NFL’s living room had begun to eat the furniture.

“I don’t think there’s any way that they don’t resolve the situation at this point,” another caller predicted.

The NFL DID issue a statement, today, but it was to support the replacement officials’ call of touchdown.  Yet another point on which the league and its locked out refs don’t see eye to eye.

“I felt that Green Bay had solid possession of the ball,” said locked out referee, Scott Helverson of West Des Moines.

Helverson says his colleagues said the same thing as they rang his phone off the hook, today.

“I think he catches it at the top of its arc and he has two hands on the ball and he gets both feet down before the Seattle guy gets in there and makes a play.”

Helverson has ten years in the NFL, while the field judge who signaled touchdown had worked nothing above junior college football. The replay official only had limited power to change the call.

“He has the ability if it’s complete or incomplete to make a reversal, but that reversal goes through the referee, the referee has the final judgment on replays.”

And that replacement referee let the call on the field stand…to the delight of the 68,000 in Seattle, but to the chagrin of fans in Wisconsin, Iowa and elsewhere.