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CENTERVILLE FIRE: Fire Damages Buildings

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Clean-up is underway as investigators try to figure out the cause of a massive fire in Centerville Tuesday afternoon.

It took firefighters from nine departments several hours to get the blaze under control. No one was hurt in the fire, but the roof of one building caved in, and there was smoke, fire and water damage to two adjacent businesses.

"The problem is this whole block is interconnected. It's full of there's a plumbing shop, a furniture shop, a furniture store warehouse. All the things that you really don't want to catch on fire." Fire Chief Mike Bogle explains,  "We never were able to make an offensive attack. We never were able to enter the building. Everything was defensive. "

Witnesses say crews working on the roof of the building may have thrown sparks that started the fire. Investigators will look into that as they try to determine the cause.


*Photos courtesy of Tom Livengood