MURPHY’S LAW: NFL Debacle, Ferentz takes blame (sort of), Raiders Ready

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By Chris Hassel

Last weekend may go down as the wildest regular season weekend in NFL history, and what a way to cap it off. I’m a huge Bears fan. I absolutely hate the Packers. But I’ll admit that they got screwed. Miss the call on the field? Fine. Overturn it! How did the officials not see that it was not “simultaneous” possession?! 

Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson looked like complete fools after the game. Carroll called it a “great night for Monday Night Football”. Wilson thanked God for allowing Tate to make the catch. Puke. It is, however, one of the few games Pete Carroll won legally. 

Jon Gruden called the way the game ended “tragic”. No one died. But the NFL’s credibility is on life-support. 

Gruden also said the would have to fly 6,000 miles back home. Apparently Gruden thinks Green Bay is in South America. 

As a Bears fan, I’ll take it. As my Dad texted me today, “them’s the breaks”. At 2-1, the Bears and Vikings are tied for the NFC North Division lead. Enjoy it while it lasts, Minnesota.

Kirk Ferentz and the Hawkeyes met the media today in Iowa City. Most of the talk was about last week’s game instead of Iowa’s Big Ten opener against Minnesota, Saturday. Kirk Ferentz didn’t have many answers when it came to the onside kick snafu against Middle Michigan. He did, however, say that the team hasn’t played well enough to win four games, and the coaching staff hasn’t either. That’s one of the few times Ferentz has put blame on he and the coaching staff.

I completely forgot that Texas Tech was ranked when Iowa State beat them, 41-7, last year. The Red Raiders were ranked 19th and coming off a win at #3 Oklahoma. The scores of that game and ISU’s 2010 win (52-38) are posted in Texas Tech’s locker room as added incentive. The Raiders will be ready. 

ISU sent out a released about Saturday’s game being on Fox College Sports. It turns out, FCS isn’t even on Dish Network. That means the only way you get it in HD is if you have DirecTV. I hope you have a ticket.