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MUSEUM BURGLARIZED: Rare Music Items Stolen

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Bob Everhart's collection of country music items can make any fan smile.

"This is cool too. We've got a lot of stuff in this museum," said Everhart.

It has old guitars, old records, and a few instruments that you've probably never heard of.

Today, Bob is playing a sad tune after his Anita Country Music Museum, which contains more than 3,000 items dedicated to rural country music, was burglarized.

"They came through a wall, then a glass window. We don't understand how they knew where to come through this at."

After breaking in, the burglar made their way across the museum and targeted a collection from one of country music's biggest stars.

"This is where Johnny Cash's plaque for being in our hall of fame is, that was autographed by him. There were also two harmonicas that he played orange blossom special with, Everhart told Channel 13 News.

While they were able to steal several items, two things they did not steal were the museums donation jar and the authentication proving the items are real.

Everhart says without that, whoever broke in has two old harmonicas with far more sentimental value than financial value.

"When they take things like that, they're really taking away memories."

Police have no suspects and it's not clear when the burglary took place.

However, holding someone accountable isn't the main focus for this life-long country music musician.

"We don't really want to prosecute anybody. We don't want anyone to do a jail sentence. We just want the items back."