SIMPSON VOTES: College Students Sign Up

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Tuesday was National Voter Registration Day.  It's a last-minute push to get people to vote in November.  The Iowa Secretary of State's Office says of more than the 1.9 million registered  voters, only some 204,000 are college-aged.  The group, Simpson Votes wants to change the trend of low voter turnout on college campuses.

“I decided to register to vote,” says Joey Goodale, a sophomore at Simpson College.

Simpson Votes set a goal of registering the entire campus or about 1500 students.

“I know not everyone wants to vote.  I’ve had a couple encounters of people that have told me specifically that they don’t want to vote.  They don’t like  any of the candidates,” says Simpson freshman MacKenzie Bills. 

That isn’t stopping Bills from trying to sign up student voters.

“If I can get 80% to 90% that would be really great too ‘cuz then we can make a big difference here,” says Bills.

The Simpson students are using a new program called TurboVote.  It's designed to make voting from home as easy as renting a DVD from Netflix.  You sign up online and TurboVote will mail out an absentee ballot with a return envelope.  The program also sends text and email reminders to make sure you vote.

“Oh yeah, I definitely will.  I will definitely vote,” says Goodale.

These are the latest registered voter numbers from the Secretary of State.