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MURPHY’S LAW: Cyclones MUST Win, Haack the Devil, Replacement Refs

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By: John Sears

I know it’s only game #4 of the season, and the first of 9 in the Big 12 but I’ll say it.  This is a MUST WIN for Iowa State Saturday vs Texas Tech.  The talk all spring, summer,and fall has been how this is Paul Rhoads’ best team yet and how the Clones expect to take the next step.  So, what’s the next step?  In my opinion, at least 7, maybe 8 wins.  To do that ISU has to take care of the teams they are equal to or better than, especially at home.  The Big 12 is loaded, that’s no secret.  But Tech is not a juggernaut, just look at the last 2 years they’ve played ISU.  A 4-0 start would equal the best in school history.  Iowa State MUST beat Texas Tech on Saturday to prove to people this team has big plans.  I think they will, and I expect the Jack will be crazy.   

Talk about a ‘must win,’ look no further than Iowa City.  The Hawkeyes are reeling.  Fans are outraged, and ready to pounce.  Losing to Iowa State happens, Central Michigan?  That should NEVER happen.  A loss to Minnesota might just send fans off the cliff.  I can see Iowa winning by 20, I can also see them losing by 20.  I honestly have no idea where this team will go, up or down.  I think Iowa wins, but I also thought they would be 4-0 at this point.  

Dowling Catholic wide receiver Matthew Haack is one of the best wideouts in the entire state.  But, he’s not going to college to play WR, he will be a scholarship punter at Arizona State.  I think Haack could play WR at the FCS or Division 2 level, but a full-ride to a PAC 12 school is pretty sweet.  And who can turn down Arizona State?  Why Arizona State? Haack was born in Arizona and still has family that live there.  Had he not gotten a scholarship from the Sun Devils, he would be a Cyclone.  Who knows, if he perfects his craft good enough we may see him on Sundays some day.         

The real refs are back to the NFL.  Thank goodness.  The call on Monday night between the Seahawks and Packers was one of the worst I’ve ever seen.  I don’t blame the replacement refs, but the NFL.  I’m just waiting till the real refs make a big mistake, then what?  

4 Iowans were Lotto winners Wednesday night, including the $200 million dollar winner.  One of these days luck will be on my side…

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