NOTICEABLY ABSENT: Grandparents Speak

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Some of the most touching statements made Thursday came from Evelyn Miller's paternal grandparents.

It was heartbreaking to listen to Richard and Linda Christie describe their granddaughter, the way they remember her, and how Thursday marks a new beginning.

Linda Christie told reporters, “She would still be there with that beautiful smile, loving everyone around her." She added, “She needs justice.  She was an innocent little girl.  She deserves that… I want him prosecuted and in prison for life.  Let him rot in jail."

The Christies say this is their happiest day and their happiest trip back to Floyd in seven years.

They visited the memorial statue that was dedicated to Evelyn's memory, and they stayed after the news conference to visit with supporters and the media.

It was during that down time that someone in the attorney general's office said that Noelle Miller, Evelyn's mother, heard the news and she called and asked to speak to one of the investigators.

Linda Christie's reaction was, "Why isn't she here?  They announced the murder of her daughter.  Why isn't she here to celebrate?” She added, "She needs to come back to Iowa during the prosecution phase."

The Christies say they believe Noelle knew that Casey Frederiksen was abusing Evelyn.

They say it'll be excruciating having to re-live the events surround Evelyn's death at a criminal trial for a man who was friends with their son and who they used to give rides to school when Casey Frederiksen was a kid.

But make no mistake, the Christies are very much looking forward to facing Frederiksen in court.

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