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TRAFFIC CAMS: Des Moines Makes Policy Change

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Traffic camera enforcement. (WHO-HD)

After an investigation by Channel 13, Des Moines city leaders are making changes to the city’s traffic camera policy.

In August, Channel 13’s Dan Winters found out Des Moines city workers were getting out of paying tickets when they were issued citations by red light or speeding cameras.

Those unpaid fines added up to about $5,000.

The policy of city workers not paying fines came about as a way to ensure that emergency vehicles weren’t cited while responding to emergencies. City officials say the free passes for others were an unintended by-product.

After our reports, the city reviewed its internal policies and procedures.

City Manager Rick Clark says, ”City employees who are driving a city vehicle (or their own vehicle) and receive a red light violation need to pay the fine unless they are responding to an emergency or other extenuating circumstance. We have established a policy to this affect, and henceforth city employees who are driving a city vehicle that receive a red light violation will be expected to pay the fine unless there is an extenuating circumstance such as responding to an emergency.”

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