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Both political candidates have a better idea of what issues Iowans find important. 

This weekend's Des Moines Register Iowa poll featuring President Obama and  Former Governor Mitt Romney is giving a clearer image of where the candidates stand in our state.

Seven months ago, an Iowa poll showed Romney up by two points on the President.

However, he's lost ground this time President Obama has the lead on his challenger, 49 to 45, respectively. 

Both campaigns say they'll fight for the votes here in Iowa up until election day.

“For Iowa voters what it's going to come down to front and center is going to be the economy,” says Des Moines Register Political Columnist Kathie Obradovich.

The Des Moines Register says six out of ten surveyed voters cited the economy as their top priority.

However, the numbers aren't nearly as lopsided on which candidate's the best to fix the economy.

President Obama beats former Governor Mitt Romney by just one point.

Both sides argue the economy's their candidate's strength.

Obama's campaign says Romney pushes failed ideas from the past.

"We can fall back on an economy with Mitt Romney with an economy that trickles from the top down, we've seen that movie and how that works out, or we can keep moving forward with President Obama and rebuild it from the middle class out,” says DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

While Romney's campaign says the President's already proven he can't fix the economy.

"Everybody knows that the President has failed to deliver the economic recovery that we were promised, and that's something that people take very, very personally, there's a lot of under and un employed people around America and they know we haven't yet seen a step in the right direction,” says Tom Zold with the Iowa Romney Campaign.

The poll shows Obama is better than Romney in connecting with everyday voters.

Paul Ryan is also came out with more popularity than Romney.

It will be Ryan traveling by himself for two days of campaigning in Iowa starting Monday.

The poll also showed Republicans are more popular with men and voters over 65, while the Democrats see bigger support from women and younger voters.

Just ten percent of voters say they could change their minds on which candidate to support.

Obradovich says that makes it tougher for Romney to beat Obama in Iowa.

"A lot of voters in Iowa, even if they've said they've decided still say they have an open mind, i think 10 percent even though it presents an opportunity for Mitt Romney to change people's minds, it's a fairly small number,” says Obradovich.

And both candidates only have five weeks left to do it.