DEFAMATION SUIT: Boswell Sues Fallon

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Former Congressional candidate Ed Fallon says he's hired a lawyer to represent him after he claimed Congressman Leonard Boswell's aides tried to bribe him four years ago.

Fallon claims two staffers offered him an 80,000 a year job if he would drop out of his primary race against Boswell in 2008.

Fallon refuses to publicly identify the two staffers.

“I didn't feel it was appropriate or necessary to compromise them at this point. I don't think that accomplishes anything."

Fallon says their names could come out in court proceedings.

Fallon just last week made his claim against Boswell, even though he alleges the bribe offer occurred four years ago.

He said he didn't think it was as serious back then and also wanted to keep his campaign about the issues. 

Fallon adds he intentionally only went public now to maximize the attention to the claims since it's so close to the election.

Boswell today denied Fallon's claims.

Boswell has filed a defamation lawsuit against Fallon.