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EXPIRED BILL: Affecting More Than Just Farms

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The tough economy has more Iowans than ever before looking for help.

The Des Moines Area Religious Council has given food to nearly 11,000 families this year, and demand is still growing.

Channel 13's Dave Price spoke to two Iowa Congressman to see what they would do to help people better provide for themselves.

Democratic congressman Leonard Boswell says Congress needs to re-up the farm bill that determines how many people will get federal food assistance.

Decreased assistance could mean more demand for food pantries.

His opponent, Republican Congressman Tom Latham says, “These are extremely difficult times, and there is no question that too many of our neighbors continue to struggle with unemployment, grim economic conditions, and anxiety about the future due to the worst economic downturn in a generation.  Thankfully, Iowans help their neighbors in times of need, and we will never forget that fundamental principle.  We also need to focus on working together to find common sense solutions that result in job creation and economic security for every Iowan.”

Thousands of Iowans are preparing to decide which politician best helps them put food on their table, without the pantries help.

DMARC says it's especially low in high protein items like peanut butter and canned tuna and chicken.

They also need baby food and diapers.