IOWA VISIT: Paul Ryan Talks Economy

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Tuesday morning GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan tried to win over eastern Iowa voters.

Ryan began the day with a rally at the Clinton County courthouse in Clinton and his kids joined him on stage for the event. 

He referenced his kids when he spoke about the debt crisis, saying if we stay on our current track, by the time his three kids are his age the U.S. will have borrowed more than $2 for every $2.50 that U.S. has made.

He used this to promote the Romney-Ryan economic plan.  

“We have offered very specific pro-growth solutions to get our economy in gear. We can have a dynamic pro-growth economy that fosters independence and opportunity versus a stagnant economy that fosters dependency. That’s the clear choice in this race. Do we want stagnation or growth? Do we want dependency or opportunity and upward mobility? The difference will be settled in this election,” Ryan told the Clinton crowd.

Ryan made a second stop in Muscatine. He’ll end his Iowa trip Tuesday afternoon with a stop at the Romney-Ryan campaign office in Burlington.