SHERIFF’S RACE: McCarthy And Charleston Square Off

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Polk County Sheriff Bill McCarthy and Sergeant Dan Charleston are running for Polk County Sheriff in the upcoming election.

Tuesday night both candidates argued their position in the first and only forum. The two discussed traffic cameras and the structure of the sheriff's department. 

Charleston defended high capacity assault weapons and McCarthy spoke out against them.

The issue of Charleston's revealing website also came up. Charleston called it a place to learn his views, and McCarthy called it a place where too many extremist opinions were revealed by someone expected to be impartial.

“If you like the issues, and you like what you see in the website, then you have a clear choice in this election.  If you don`t like what you see, then you`ve got the status quo,” said Charleston.

McCarthy responded, “If you wanna let all of your deep-seated social beliefs be known and you want to put them on your website, how are you going to be judged by the people who disagree with you.”

Charleston has been a part of the Polk County Sheriff's Department for 15 years.

McCarthy has been there for just four, but before that he did spend a long term as Des Moines' chief of police.