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CIRCUS ACT: Workout Of The Week

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Some people dream or joke about running away and joining the circus, others really do it!

Olga Surnina and Jodie Urias have spent their entire adult lives living on the edge.

Jodie says, “I was in college and wanted to travel with the circus for a summer.  By the time the end of the summer rolled around, I`d been offered a contract and I stayed.”

Olga adds, “I started from when I was little girl doing acrobatics and I always liked to perform for people.”

What they can do makes 'The Barnum Bash' the greatest show on earth.

“When you`re an aerialist and you do what we call `thrill acts` or `daredevil` you have to be strong and flexible and all of those things,” says Jodie. 

The women invited us to give it a try.

It doesn`t take long to realize that performing on a simple metal hoop isn`t 'simple' at all.

Even just hanging from your hands takes a lot of strength and just standing up requires balance.

Jodie and Olga explain that what they do with their bodies determines how fast the lyra rotates.

It`s basic physics, and also taking a basic exercise, a crunch, and making it much more difficult.

Jodie says, “We have to be prepared for muscles you can`t work anywhere else, you have to be on aerial apparatus.”

The 'Spanish Web' is another aerial apparatus.

This is another skill that takes incredible strength and balance and yes, these ladies make it look effortless.

In the show, Jodie hoops with fire.  We tried the flameless version that she does with kids to get them moving.

Jodie says, 'It`s a low-impact aerobic exercise.  With our `Circus Fit` program, this is something parents can do, kids can do, your age doesn`t matter.  Everybody`s the same age when they`re hula hooping.”

It takes a while, but finally there`s a circus trick both of us can master.

So even if you can`t run away and join the circus, you can still experience some of the thrill.

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