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LOCAL IMPORTANCE: Importance Of Local Races

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The presidential race is dominating media coverage as well as radio and TV airwaves, which has forced some local races to take a back seat.

“I was anticipating it would be much harder to actually even get time on the air, whether radio or TV,” said Republican Jane Jech, who is running for State Senate for District 36.

Jech said she was surprised to find out that finding air time wasn’t her biggest challenge- she explained that a bigger obstacle to overcome was the early voters. Jech said that many people voted too early to really hear the issues in hers and other local races. Many, Jech observed, are paying closer attention to the presidential races.

While the presidential debates are already a third of the way through, Jech and her opponent, Steve Sodders, are just getting started.

“For me it’s a little bit of a challenge if you look outside my old district into a new district, but we've went out and worked hard to meet the voters,” said Democratic State Senator Steve Sodders.

Senator Sodders has a seat with district 22, but because of redistricting, is now campaigning for District 36.

“It is still a challenge because there are people who only pay attention to presidential race, but that's why we do work on the ground,” said Sodders.

Both candidates described this upcoming Iowa Senate race as very important, especially since both parties are hoping for the control.

“I believe we've done good things, good things for colleges, unemployment is down, we’re trying to get people back to work, but we have a lot of ideas we still need to work for,” said Sodders of the Democratic control in the Senate, “so I think it’s important for democrats to run the Senate and keep Iowa moving forward.”

Jech said it’s extremely important the Republicans take back the senate. “You can see the last two years have been great evidence of it, particularly in the area of tax reform, and education reform.  We just end up with a stalemate every time it comes to the senate, so it’s critical for moving our state forward that we take back control of the Iowa Senate,” Jech said.

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