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MORNING BUZZ: Funding, Say What? and Dr Tom

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Good Afternoon

A quick blog today


So the issue of PBS funding is taking center stage…why?  Cause it’s easy to understand that’s why.  There is no measure that would indicate this issue is a make or break for the US economy, Budget or for the Federal Government.  Gov Mitt Romney used it as a specific cut he’s make to the Federal Budget and Democrats pounced.  How dare you kill Big Bird!  

I’d encourage everyone to look at the funding sources for Public radio (full disclosure I listen) and Public TV (my kids watch).  How much more would these entities have to raise if federal funding was cut off?  What would be lost?  How much does Sesame Street make in merchandising alone?  Could we have Public Broadcasting and still save some money in the Federal Budget?  My point is that if you want to have a debate about the funding…do it.  “Bad man hates puppets” is not a valid argument.  We have a HUGE debt and whoever is President will need to make choices.   

Say What?

I continue to be struck by the level of rhetoric we are all letting creep into our lives.  We don’t just have opinions…we find it necessary to verbally wound people who might disagree with us.  As adults we are modeling that behavior to our kids.  I learned early that if I yelled…I was teaching my kids to yell.  So I found it downright disturbing when a kid (couldn’t have been 8) who was playing in the same area as our kids came up to us and said, “Do you know Mitt Romney wants to steal from poor people and give it to rich people?” .  And before you say how terrible it is that a Democrat would do that to their kid…This kid could just as easily have said, “The President murders babies”.  Think about that next time you make a flip comment about one of the candidates or someone;s political leanings.

We heard from the International Monetary find that they’re reducing the forecasted economic growth for the US.  Uncertainty is the main reason.  Congress’ failure to act…t work out an agreement.  That, according to these experts is what is holding up the economy.  That’s on Republicans and democrats.  They could have had a workable, moderate solution months ago.  Instead the fringes destroy any ability to make a deal.  They distract us and direct us down the latest rabbit hole rather than taking responsibility and doing the job we sent them…Republican and Democrat…to do in Washington.  You can stop it if you like…or…Oh wait…what’s that shiny think I see off in the distance.

Dr Tom

I had the pleasure of playing golf yesterday with Dr Tom Davis at the Principal Charity Classic sponsor outing.  No, I am not buying a hospitality tent and neither is WHO.  But our friend Greg Edwards was looking for someone who didn’t mind a 30mph wind while playing golf.  I volunteered.  I digress.  

Dr Tom was also in our foursome and while I had spent short periods of time with him…five hours on the golf course…you get a lot of conversation in.  He is the kind of Coach I loved playing for.  He is always coaching…even with golf.  One of the guys in our foursome said he was having trouble hitting out of a sand trap.  Dr Tom gave him a lesson on one of the holes as we waited.  Good coaches are great teachers and love to see their students learn.  Dr Tom strikes me as that kind of coach.

I am headed to lunch with my wife to celebrate our 13th anniversary.  We met 25 years ago this fall…graduated High school 20 years ago and married seven years after that.  Hard to believe it’s been 13 years.  Time flies when you’re having fun.

Have a good one


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