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PRESIDENTIAL POLLS: Close For Candidates

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As the election winds down, polling shows the presidential race is tightening between the two candidates — both nationally and in Iowa.

Tuesday the latest Rasmussen daily tracking poll was released. It shows the same point differential between President Obama and former governor Mitt Romney nationally and in Iowa. Obama is ahead of Romney at 49 to 47 percent. 

On September 20th, the same poll showed Governor Romney up 47 to 44 percent. 

Other polls seem to indicate Governor Romney is either closing the gap or even overtaking the president as a result of his strong debate performance last week. 

The latest Pew Research Center poll shows Governor Romney up by four percent with 49 to 45 percent among likely voters nationally.

That’s a 12-point swing from last month. 

Yet another poll from Public Policy Polling shows Governor Romney leading by two points, 49 to 47 percent, among likely voters. That same poll shows Governor Romney up five points, 51 to 46 percent among likely voters in swing states. 

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