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What day is it, anyway?!?  That’s what I was thinking this morning while smacking the snooze button on my alarm.  New York City can do that to you – particularly if it’s your first trip and you cram a lot of stuff into a few days!   I was lucky enough to make this trip with colleagues I really enjoy and my husband got to go too – bonus!  We saw so many sights and experienced so many neat things, it’s impossible to list everything here.  We all definitely made the most of our time in the Big Apple!

We were there to accept a National Edward R. Murrow Award for our story “Sky Rise”. 
I’m including a link for two reasons.  1) Many people have said to us, “I missed that story…” and 2)  What we saw while shooting the story last year was incredible.  We’re lucky to do what we love for a living, and to get a front row seat to moments like this.  It is a huge blessing.  As a reporter, I’m lucky to work with talented photojournalists like Brandon McCauley and Randy Schumacher – they went above and beyond (literally) on this story – running up and down more than one hundred flights of stairs to capture the images and sounds that make the story what it is.  

We were given a wonderful tour of all things NBC.  Here we are on the Nightly News set.  Earlier in the afternoon Brian Williams dropped into our luncheon just to say, “Hi everyone….Congrats!”.  Cool!

Here’s Michael on the set of Today.  I had to snap a picture of him in the kitchen since he’s such a great cook … look out Bobby Flay!

Saturday Night Live was one of our stops.  Mary Katherine Gallagher will always be one of my favorite characters.  My best friend Beth and I used to laugh so hard we’d fall of the couch watching these skits…

… which is why I had to strike this pose.  Yes, everyone thought I was a complete dork.  I don’t care, but I do realize my hands are all wrong.  I think I was influenced by the fact that we saw “Rock of Ages” the night before, although what I’m doing with my fingers isn’t quite right for a rock show either!  Oh well …

Brandon, me and Randy with what we like to call “the hardware”.  What an honor!

Aren’t they an adorable couple?  Megan is a genius for scoring this amazing dress at a site called “Rent the Runway” … ladies, if you ever need a cute dress and you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for something you’ll only wear once, this is the place to shop.

These faces sum it all up – we had a ball!