MORNING BUZZ: Big Award in the Big Apple

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Good morning, Megan here! Patrick asked be to write the Morning Buzz so I could share our station’s big weekend in the big apple.

I went to New York City this past weekend with my husband WHO photojournalist Randy Schumacher, WHO photojournalist Brandon McCauley, WHO Anchor Erin Kiernan and her husband Michael. Channel 13 sent Erin, Randy, and Brandon to accept a National Edward R. Murrow Award for Video Feature Reporting!

It was a wonderful story about an Iowan who climbed the 110 story Willis Tower in Chicago despite suffering two spinal cord injuries. You can click here to watch the inspiring story. Erin, Randy and Brandon did a wonderful job telling his story, and their work is very deserving of the prestigious national award. Randy and Brandon had to climb many of those stairs with their gear to get reaction and capture the heart of the climb. And, Erin did an awesome job crafting a memorable story.

Brandon McCauley, Erin Kiernan, Randy Schumacher

We all got dressed up for the formal affair. Journalists like NBC’s Lester Holt handed out awards. NBC storyteller Bob Dotson was a recipient along with other network correspondents and reporters from around the county. It was surreal to be in a room with these broadcasting greats (and fun to get dressed up, I’m not gonna lie!)

All dressed up!

Earlier that day we enjoyed a lunch hosted by NBC news with other NBC affiliate award winners from around the country. The host said congratulations, he was impressed with everyone’s work, especially the story about the guy climbing the stairs! It was so cool that out of all those stories, he specifically mentioned Channel 13’s!

Also, during the lunch, a guy named Brian Williams happened to drop in to talk for a few minutes. He was exactly as he appears on t.v.: smart, funny and genuine. He says he likes Applebees and American cars. We also got a tour of the Nightly News Set, The Today Show’s Studio 1A and the Saturday Night Live set. I was surprised at how small the SNL set is. The stage for the musical guest looks so big on TV thanks to a special lens, but it’s really the size of a small garage. And, it’s amazing how many people can fit on the Today Show set.

Natalie on Today Show set

Brandon, Randy and I also took in the Today Show. We got there just before 7 a.m. and found a good spot on the plaza behind the window. The guys were impressed with a special boom camera that only news geeks like us notice. Somehow, we managed to be caught on TV three times that morning. For us, it was more impressive just taking in how national news crews put on such a popular program.

It was such an honor to tag along on a big trip for Erin, Randy and Brandon. Their story was more than deserving of such an important award in journalism. Although, I know an award was the last thing they were thinking about when they were in Chicago for the climb. I’m sure it was their honor to get to tell the story of a man who inspires so many to reach great heights by overcoming great odds. That’s why journalists do what they do (although an award like this is icing on a sweet cake!) Congrats!