COWBOY COPS: Police Help Round Up Runaway Steer

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For the second time this week, Des Moines police had to play cowboy to help corral a steer with a bad case of wanderlust.  But this steer wasn't putting up with any bull.  He charged the police car, denting the door and doing about $500 damage.  And this is the second time he escaped from his farm near the fair this week.  The first time he jumped a fence then was lassoed by farm workers after a brief police chase.

 "I have him outside in the pasture..he jumps over the fence easy like." says owner Jose Pina, "This tall fence..easy.  So I decide after he wants out for the first time I'll just put him in the stall with a chain tied .  You can see he pushed the door and broke the chain."

Pina says he's tired of dealing with the bull.  He's shipping the steer off to another farm further from town.