KRYSTLE CLEAR: Colors, Coaches And Cancer Support

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It’s been a busy week – filled with a wide variety of stories and events. So, I thought I would recap a few that stood out.

Color Power:

I know it was almost 7 days ago, but I have to mention last weekend’s color run! First of all, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am NOT a runner. I am not fast, I get bored with it pretty easily, and I tend to look kind of funny when I do it. But a few months ago, I was “tricked” into signing up for the Color Run 5K in Des Moines. My friend was telling me about it, and all I heard was “they throw colors at you.” I immediately signed up. When my boyfriend got home that night I was like “Oh! Guess what I did! I’m going to do the Color Run!” He responded with “you know there’s running involved with that, right?” Oops. The next weeks were filled with worry for me as I fretted that I might not even be able to finish the 3 mile jaunt. But then, the day was upon us. And…. it was AWESOME! If every run was like that I would run all of the time! I really recommend it for anyone, even the non-runners out there, like me!

Me and my running buddies after getting doused with some blue and pink color

Hooray I finished!

Strands Of Strength:

One Wednesday morning, we went to Moda Salon in West Des Moines for a story about a new organization that works with cancer patients. It’s called Strands of Strength. Unlike Locks of Love, it doesn’t collect hair and make wigs, it purchases brand new wigs and styles them for people who can’t afford them. There are more people who could use this service than you may think. First of all, wigs are really expensive, especially high quality ones that look real. Talking to the organizers, and specifically the founder of this Iowa based organization who is a cancer survivor herself, I realized just how much help having a nice wig could be. As Deb Pulver, the creator of Strands of Strength told me, when you are fighting cancer, you want to do just that. Attack it, beat it, conquer it. The last thing you want is people to feel sorry for you- making you feel different – (there’s a difference between supporting someone and pitying them.) A wig, that looks like your real hair, and makes you feel more like yourself, can do just that- it can help you take that control back. Now I am not speaking from experience, I can’t even imagine what that would be like, but I won’t stop being awed by those that get through it, and conquer it.For the story, click here.

October is Salon Month, which means dozens of local salons are collecting donations and donating some of their proceeds to the cause.

The other thing I loved about this organization is that it’s local. Sure, there are organizations already out there that can help, like Susan G. Komen Foundation and Locks of Love, but Deb wanted to help in a big way, and she wanted to directly help people in her community. It’s got to be an amazing feeling to see it really starting to pick up speed. Just talking to Deb- starting an organization from scratch is no easy feat! (Think legalities, paperwork, connecting with hospitals, getting the word out, funding, and the list goes on!) For more info on how you can help or spread the word: click here.

Coach Fired:

Wednesday evening, I covered a preview of a school board meeting scheduled for later that night. The future of High School Football Coach Tim Mihalovich was to be discussed. Coach Mihalovich had been under fire for weeks, after making a player run for a half an hour as a punishment, among other things. For more details and the full story that aired Wednesday click here.  The whole thing just got me thinking about back when I was in high school. I was in track and swim, not football obviously, but even those sports included experiences like that. If you had a bad attitude, you had extra extra laps, if we lost, we might have to swim non-stop all practice, or if you were late you had to run a ridiculous amount of “ladders” or do stairs for what felt like forever.  This decision made me wonder- is coaching changing? Will we see the effects of a decision like this spread farther than football, farther than Iowa? Basically, this decision left me with a lot of questions.

To see Dan Winters’ story on the coach’s reaction after being fired, click here!

Excuses, Excuses:

Yesterday I was able to anchor the 9:00 news, which was awesome. Besides having fun with it, it was my first hour show and on a weekday, so it was a unique experience. As you can imagine, there are a lot more stories in an hour show as opposed to a half hour show (duh, captain obvious, right?) One story that came up near the end of the show, was about the excuses people give to get out of work. They were definitely creative! Some of the ones that stood out – “My toe is stuck in a faucet” and “My dog is having a nervous breakdown.” Huh. But it got me wondering what other excuses people use, and how elaborate will they be? I know someone (no, its not me and no, I won’t name names, don’t worry) who has been known to go very far out of their way to get a sick day. One time, this person was convinced they wouldn’t be able to get the day off. So they showed up to work, but then part-way into the day, devised a plan (warning-it’s kind of gross). They went to the cafeteria, ordered a burger, smooshed some of it up, and then rubbed it on their shirt. They then went to their boss’s office looking “sick” and tell the boss they threw up and would probably need to go home. Of course when the boss pointed out they may have gotten the vomit on their shirt, they acted embarrassed like it really was a total accident. Elaborate, huh? How far would you go? (Or have you gone?)

Dynamic Gymnasts:

Today’s story is pretty fun for me. I haven’t done it yet, but I’m on way! I get to meet Olympic Gymnasts Gabby Douglas and Shawn Johnson. Should be fun. I’ve been preparing some questions for them, and even prepared my outfit just for them (I wore flats- gymnasts are tiny!) I’ll let you know how it goes!


Just got back from interviewing Shawn Johnson and Gabby Douglas. At the risk of sounding too starstruck, it was pretty neat. Both the girls are very sweet and great speakers. They definitely know what they’re doing in front of the camera! And as an added bonus, I got to meet Derek Hough too. (Also really nice, by the way). So not a terrible night over all. :)