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WEEKLY WORKOUT: Rip Trainer Challenge

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The company that designed TRX has a new toy on the market and it’s just as challenging.  It’s called the “Rip Trainer”.

It was originally created for combat sports athletes and physical therapists but now, Rip Training is turning up in gyms around the metro.  Trainer Irene McCormick shows us how it works.  “It’s basically covered tubing, elastic tubing, attached to a hard stick.”

The equipment is pretty simple -- the exercises are not.  “The first one is just a straight arm squat,” Irene demonstrates, “the trick is, you want to do it with the cord on both sides of the body.”

Irene explains that Rip Training is based on postural precision.  “It’s basically how to move your body through space really, really well.  Even though the movements are simple, to do them well is really, really hard.”

The bottom line is - you can’t be lazy.  The goal is to control each movement.   “Every single movement you take, the path that you select the very first time as long as it’s correct, you have to stay in that path and make it the same every time.”

Rip Training is also a good way to prevent injury because it works the core vertically and mimics many of the asymmetrical movements we perform every day.   Whether it’s slower strength and agility exercises or rapid, striking movements -- you can’t help but use your core.

Depending on the movement, you’ll also test your balance, coordination, power and strength.  It’s also a good cardiovascular workout.

Give Rip Training a try and you’ll be ripped in no time.

If you’re interested in training with Irene and trying the Rip Trainer, check out her website.

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