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MORNING BUZZ: Debates, Lance and Weekend

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Good Afternoon.  The program we use to write these blogs wasn’t letting me in until now…so here goes an abbreviated Morning Buzz:


The Third and final debate of the Presidential election season is tonight and I will be up late again watching.  I watched both of the first two debates all the way through.  I will watch the entire debate tonight…that has not always been the case for me and I wonder if anyone else finds themselves watching these more?  I wonder what that might say about this race. I think I wrote here last week.  I am reading Bob Woodward’s The Price of Politics as this all plays out.  the book is even more interesting because the major players are involved in the election.  For an author that’s sometimes criticized as a Liberal, Woodward’s writing and reporting so far is extremely critical of President Obama.  

-Two side notes on the election:  One, a friend who is much better versed in polling and politics than I am pointed out that Paul Ryan was campaigning in Pennsylvania the other day.  No way he does that if the campaign doesn’t at least have a hope of winning it.  Why shouldn’t they, the latest polling I saw only had Gov Romney down 4.  

-Second: The Statehouse races here in Iowa have been pushed to the background because of the expensive contests for national office.  The race he pointed to as being very interesting is the race for the Senate in Iowa.  The sad passing of Senator Pat Ward may mean that special election decides the balance of the Senate.  If it does watch for lots of National money being injected into a VERY short race. 


I was one of the people who believed Lance Armstrong was just that much better than everyone else.  Turns out everyone was cheating and Armstrong was just the best at cheating.  


Kudos to the folks at Salisbury House.  They put on a Halloween event for kids that was really fun this weekend.  The boys were very excited about wearing their Fighter Pilot costumes.  They also loved the Hudson Hornet.  We got some good pictures and had a great time building some crafts.  I even managed to follow the directions building a model garage for their matchbox cars.

After the Salisbury House event…we went to Orange Leaf.  Not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing.  It’s way to close to the station.  I am not sure how much my willpower is going to hold up, now that I know the goodness inside. 

I hope you have a Great Monday!