MURPHY’S LAW: Quarterback Conundrum’s

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By Chris Hassel

Iowa and Iowa State have major quarterbacking problems, and both are going about it in completely different ways. While Kirk Ferentz is sticking with his struggling 5th-year senior, Paul Rhoads is playing musical chairs with Steele Jantz and Jared Barnett. You could make the argument that both coaches are making the wrong decision. Iowa fans want to see redshirt freshman, Jake Rudock. Iowa State fans want to see their redshirt freshman, Sam Richardson. We will see Richardson long before we see Rudock. 

James Vandenberg has been as bad as any quarterback in the country, this season. Only six out of 124 FBS teams have a worse passer rating than the Hawkeyes (Army, SMU, Kansas, New Mexico, Southern Miss, and UMass). Yet, Vandenberg is the quarterback in the nation who has taken every snap from center, this season. All 123 other teams have had at least two QB’s see live game action. It’s stunning to me considering Rudock is going to be thrown to the wolves, next season, without any experience what-so-ever. I’m not at all surprised Ferentz is sticking with his senior leader, but that doesn’t make it right. Vandenberg is a great kid. He’s my favorite Hawkeye to deal with, but that doesn’t mean he’s the right man for the job. Iowa isn’t going to do anything special this season, so why not get a jump-start on the future. If not, who knows what we’re going to get with Rudock, next season. 

It’s time for Ferentz to go with Jake Rudock.

As for the Cyclones, I have a feeling we are going to see Sam Richardson sooner rather than later. Paul Rhoads isn’t afraid to pull the plug, and I like that about him. Rhoads says he’s opening up the quarterback battle, again, this week. He says Richardson is the purest passer of the three, but he needs to learn how to make the right decisions. If I’m Rhoads, I start Barnett against Baylor, and if things go bad, bring in Richardson. The good news is, Baylor has the worst defense in the country. Time to score some points!

We could see Sam Richardson, this Saturday, against Baylor.

The Bears play the Lions on Monday Night Football, tonight. The Cardinals and Giants play game 7 of the NLCS. And Obama and Romney square off in the final Presidential Debate. That’s not right. The debate should have its own night. It should be on Tuesday. If I’m picking between those three, I’m picking MNF. If it’s a blowout, I’ll switch over to the debate. No baseball for me.