RANCH EXPANSION: ARL Looks To Take In More Horses

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At the Animal Rescue League's Southeast 14th Street location, you'll find plenty of curious cats and rows of dogs ready for their next walk.

Look further, and you'll find a small ranch on the facilities north side with animals you probably don't associate the ARL with.

The organization currently cares for 15 previously neglected or abused horses, and in 2011, put 46 of them up for adoption.

That's despite the fact that many people see the animals as damaged.

"They feel like with a neglected horse, there's going to be something wrong with it. That couldn't be further from the truth," the executive director of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa.

The ARL says horses are often neglected when owners can't keep up with the feeding, boarding, and veterinary costs.

It's a problem that has put pressure on the ARL to take in more of them, but at their current facility, space and resources are limited.

“We have a 12,000 foot barn and this paddock behind me. That's pretty much it," said Colvin.

So the ARL is looking to expand.

The organization hopes donors will support an additional 12 thousand square foot horse training barn.

At a cost of $310,000 dollars, the ARL says it will allow them to accommodate the increasing horse rescue needs as well as to train and rehabilitate them.

"It's our vision that if they're thinking about any pet, they think about the ARL first. Whether it's a horse, hamster, or anything in between."